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Top 3 Secret Lunch corners in Uppsala

Being French in a Scandinavian country is not always easy. I come from a culture where it is common to have two hours lunch break. You eat slow, you enjoy, it is a ceremony.
Sweden is different. There are social activities around food but mostly around "fika" understand it as "coffee break". Thus, finding a coffee place to have your Sunday tea and cookie is easy, getting your lunch is not. I always look for right places to eat with affordable and varied options every day.
Uppsala is the fourth city of Sweden. It is 200 000 inhabitant which makes it a big city in Sweden. Obviously, I will not mention all the restaurants I tried. Many are in the city center and easy to find (Cuisine de Cousteau, Saluhallen...). I just list the ones that surprised me with their services and may not be easy to find.

Västgöta Nation

Price: 40 kr
(+) Quality
(+) Cheap
(+) The freshly baked bread

(-)Can run out of food if you come after 12:30
(-)Not for big eaters (soup only)
(-)Not alway…

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