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The surrealist restaurant of Uppsala.

I live in a 200 000 inhabitant city called Uppsala. While this city provides you everything you want to survive: supermarkets, jobs, university, new built appartments, cinemas and parks. Something is missing...

...a soul.

If you are tired of Max and Espresso house, if you have organised 10^25 times a fika at café Linnée, if the princess tårta is too sweet for your sophisticated palate, there is a place for you:

Café "Jorden är blå som en apelsin"(+) Atmosphere creative (+)History (+)Friendly (+)All day breakfast (+)Originality of the food (+)Not known yet (oppened two weeks ago) 
(-) slightly outside the city center
As I enter the place the first thing that strikes me is this statue of a woman playing chess. I can touch and move the chess pieces with her... it is so playful! 

On the wall a gang of puppets represents famous artists: Virginia wolf, Frida Kalo, Myasaki... 
They strangely have the same face, and look like the owner of the place but I don't know if it is done on pu…

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